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  • Kevin Ussery

Authentic, Integrated Coaching

Updated: Feb 18

I started this business as a way to help others on their career journey and wanted to keep it completely focused on that. One of my goals for 2020 is to live more authentically and bring all of myself to every situation. I believe all of the knowledge I’ve accumulated and my experiences can help me in all aspects of my life, regardless of where they have come from. To achieve this goal, I can’t continue to keep my coaching business separate from the rest of my life. I want to provide my clients with a fully integrated, authentic experience.

Around the time I started KTU Consulting, I was battling addiction and started my recovery journey. At the time, I did not view this as something that could help me connect with people, but as something that would cause me to be less attractive to potential clients. As I started down both paths (growing my business & recovery) I realized that recovery is a part of who I am and shapes how I interact with people. Integrating these two parts of my life will create a more positive, authentic experience for all those involved in KTU Consulting.

  • So what does this mean at the end of the day? It means that I will:

  • Continue to use research-based, effective approaches in all my services

  • Continue to provide one-on-one career coaching and career services (resume building, etc)

  • Offer coaching sessions that are more holistically focused, incorporating all aspects of people’s lives (similar to life coaching, but research-based approach)

  • Provide engagement that focus on mindset work, helping individuals overcome specific blocks

  • Start blogging, sharing my thoughts and research on coaching, personal & professional develop, and how to live an authentic life

  • Not be a therapist or clinician (if you need this type of assistance, I can provide referrals)

I’m excited to start this new phase of my life & KTU Consulting and want to help you unlock your future. If you’re ready to start working on you, schedule a FREE exploration call with me to see how we can work together.